Successful cases in the midst of the pandemic crisis

October 03, 2020

The Portuguese Association for Creativity and Innovation (Apgico) resumes the presentation of successful cases in the midst of the pandemic crisis, this time with Frusoal, represented here by its administrator, Pedro Madeira. It is an Algarve company for the production and distribution of citrus fruits, handling 35,000 tons a year and managing more than 1,600 hectares of fruit destined, mainly, to the national market. In full growth, the company expects to turn in more than 26 million euros this year and expand to treat other fruits, such as avocado.

After guaranteeing the best facilities and equipment for production, it has now moved towards improving the administrative and social facilities, whose works are in the process of being completed, providing more than 140 employees with the best possible working and leisure conditions.

Apgico sends its best wishes for the continuation of the success achieved